After Starting Waves are Published: After starting waves are published we can’t change your starting wave. Race organizers spend approximately 30 hours putting teams into starting waves, so that everyone has a great time. Even one change can disrupt traffic flow, parking and the experience of the race for all runners.

How we Place Teams in Starting Waves: Teams will be placed in starting wave, after your final roster is submitted (The final roster is due 30 days prior to the race). After final rosters are received, race organizers use a computer program to place teams in starting waves. The information from the roster tool is used to place teams into starting waves and starting waves are based upon:

1. The running times you and your teammates submitted on the online roster tools.

2. Reaching the finish line prior to the cut-off

3. Maximizing your fun (by running around teams and reducing vehicle congestion)

How to Reserve Your Preferred Starting Wave: Prior to the release of the published wave’s teams can sign up for a VIP spot to reserve a particular starting wave. If you want to run with another team you both have to sign up for a VIP spot in the same wave